New items that made their debut in Toronto included warning others of the dangers of "caurvejs" via t-shirts, cards, mugs; lots of "Sveiks" related t-shirts for all ages, hats, signs and pillows. There were new pillow designs that are perfect for guest rooms and gifting. There's always a housewarming, iesvetibas. christening, birthday. and a wedding to think of. We're excited about our new merchandise and hope you will be too!

Hopefully Catskill's 3 x 3 Nometne  will take place in 2020 and their tirdzins will be there for your gift giving needs.

A special thank you to the ladies at 2019's "Sencu Nometne" the week before for purchasing Wenchstock goodies to gift the camp's saimnieces and vaditajas for all their hard work.

Wenchstock's "Great Gatsby-Roaring 20s" themed party has been postponed due to Covid-19.

We were so hoping to do it in June, however it's too soon for everyone to congregate. Tentative dates are early September or we'll consider June 2021. In the meantime, gentlemen order your boater hats, ladies get your flapper dresses fitted (or 1920's sporting pant suits). Even a vintage tennis sweater or polo outfit will do. 1920s ERA GARB IS MANDATORY!!! It's quite doable! (Chemise, shift,and dropped waist dresses or sundresses suffice. Oxford weave or dress shirts, bowties, old tuxedos, khakis with suspenders, etc. NO cargo shorts,NO t-shirts. Don't even think of showing up in that crap. You can wear that any other day. This will be enforced. Why not have some fun?) For inspiration view this one minute You Tube video from 1974's "Great Gatsby" film.


Thanks for visiting us at Dziesmu Svetki in Toronto July 4-7, 2019.

Thanks to all who stopped by to enjoy our silly, witty, snarky, and/or sentimental merchandise that gently pokes fun at our Latvian heritage.

Uncle Beau's

Trophy Room

Merchandise available at:


Where Latvian Love Goddesses Reign Supreme

The Wenchstock "Clubhouse" occupied 2 cabins at G50 complete with Xmas lights and the traveling chandelier.

Genesee Valley Hunt Cup Races, October 2020

Thanks to all who visited the Wenchstock tailgate in the infield at the Hunt Cup Races in Geneseo NY in 2018 and 2019. You had to  look for the large framed picture of "Uncle Beau" (jovial, but probably three sheets to the wind while jumping a fence on his handsome hunter) and his "trophy room" to find our picnic. We served soft drinks and something a tad stronger-as in the Pimm's Cup.  Also thanks for visiting us in 2019  in the vendor tent with our sister line "Linden Brook Bridle Club" selling equestrian related cards, pillows, tshirts, and other goodies. Let's hope we can meet in October 2020.


Where Latvian Love Goddesses Reign Supreme

You are a lady of Latvian heritage and love to enjoy life to the fullest. As a Latvian Love Goddess men adore and worship you. You socialize, go to events, love to learn, improve your mind, body & spirit, meet people, and make new friends while exuding your fabulousness. This is what Wenchstock is all about.

Wenchstock happens when three or more Latvian women meet to do good work, participate in healthy recreational activities, and share plenty of laughs. Men who admire, adore, and worship (and they know the consequences if they do not) the Latvian Love Goddess(es) are welcome to select Wenchstock activities as well. 

We hope to see you soon at a future Wenchstock gathering!