Where Latvian Love Goddesses Reign Supreme



The Wenchstock "Clubhouse" occupied 2 cabins at G50 complete with Xmas lights and the traveling chandelier.

Genesee Valley Hunt  Races

October 10, 2015 Rain or shine! 

It shined! A bevy of Latvian ladies and a few of their admirers were at the Genesee Valley Hunt Races this year. Gorgeous weather for racing, admiring horses, checking out agricultural displays, shopping for equestrian wares, tailgating, and socializing with new aquaintances.  Plan for next year's races is to have double the tailgating space for private party. Join us!

The Garezers Katine (Canteen) where Wenchstock merchandise is available for sale until end of August 2015.

Latvian Love Goddesses to meet at Garezers G50!

A group of Latvian Love Goddesses will be there to see old friends and make new ones and partake in the merriment in celebrating this milestone.  Will we see you there?

 In the meantime get ready like the young lady next to this.  There will be cards and t-shirts available for sale of this image and others that poke a little fun at our ethnic heritage.

Wenchstock in Brandywine country and Philly.

Dec 4-6 was a Wenchstock loaded weekend, starting Friday Dec. 4th with a blood sausage fest amongst the core group of Latvian Love Goddesses in the Brandywine area. On Saturday the Wenchstock stand at the Philly Tirdzins was the site of lots of laughs, meeting old friends, and making new ones. Sunday the core group enjoyed the warm weather and sights at Longwood Gardens, even participating in a holiday sing-along inside the conservatory which houses the famous 10,00 pipe organ.

Thanks for visiting the

Wenchstock stand at Tirdzins for Garezers 50th and 4-2 Weekend.

We had a great time seeing old friends and making new friends at the spectacular G50 event. Special thanks to fabulous friends who volunteered their time to help with the Wenchstock stand at tirdzins. It was a smashing success based on sales, yet a better gauge was the smiles and laughter from customers who got a huge kick out of the Wenchstock product line.

If you missed out during G50, you can still get cards and toddler t-shirts at Garezers' Kantine through the end of August. Also you can visit at www.etsy.com/shop/wenchstock.

P.S. A sarcastic "thanks" to the party who "relocated" the Wenchstock sign from our booth during 4-2 to what we heard was last seen in Burka World. Really? For this

dastardly deed we expect an order for several, no, make that many t-shirts.

Melnais Lacis

Elka Park NY, July 16, 2016

Summer is here and time to celebrate Katskilu Nometne's 60th anniversary, especially at the Melnais Lacis party on July 16th. Hope to see you there! Get camp related gear for the event at www.etsy.com/shop/wenchstock.

Meanwhile,  we're already making plans for summer 2017 (not a typo) to participate at the Latvian Song and Dance Festival in Baltimore. Recently received a shipment of "Latvian flag" maroon colored t-shirts that will be printed with irreverent messages and/or kitschy images that poke a little fun at our culture. There will be new items not only to wear, but to decorate the home.Don't be alarmed! We are NOT going to produce green nor brown pottery! (We may make fun of it instead, such as a Latvian Bridal Registry).


Happy Rudens Svetki!

October 23-25, 2015

Wishing participants a fabulous time in the beautiful Catskills. We will be providing fun Wenchstock merchandise giveaways such as t-shirts, bottle openers, bumper stickers, magnets, and cards.

Thank you for bidding on the Wenchstock "Christmas Stocking Stuffer" Gift Basket at Melnais Lacis in the Catskills, Saturday, July 18th.

Proceeds for Nometne's benefit.

This gift basket contained a "Ligo" tote bag with an illustration of Latvian folk maidens, a "Nometne" t-shirt featuring the original mess hall, "Oficialais Piragu Nogarsotajs" (official Pirag Taste Tester) bib apron for the aspiring chef, "Prieka!" bumper sticker, "Dziedasim" flashlight keychain (for finding your way home after a serious singing session), and a Saks Fifth Avenue gift card. Great to divvy up and gift your family and friends while contributing to Nometne/camp.


Where Latvian Love Goddesses Reign Supreme

You are a lady of Latvian heritage and love to enjoy life to the fullest. As a Latvian Love Goddess men adore and worship you. You socialize, go to events, love to learn, improve your mind, body & spirit, meet people, and make new friends while exuding your fabulousness. This is what Wenchstock is all about.

Wenchstock happens when three or more Latvian women meet to do good work, participate in healthy recreational activities, and share plenty of laughs. Men who admire, adore, and worship (and they know the consequences if they do not) the Latvian Love Goddess(es) are welcome to select Wenchstock activities as well. 

We hope to see you soon at a future Wenchstock gathering!


Two Wenchstock gatherings in Maine summer of 2015.

Apparently once is not enough.  The core group of Latvian Love Goddesses celebrated between August 10-14 and again August 21-24th. Planning an excursion to Monhegan in 2016. There's a whole 'lotta livin' and lovin' going on in Vacationland!