Where Latvian Love Goddesses Reign Supreme

What is Wenchstock?

Well, it's where Latvian Love Goddesses reign supreme!

Wenchstock's roots go back to a core group of  Latvian ladies who used to go out on the town In NYC when we were, ahem, a little younger. We had our fair share of admirers and somewhere along the way we became known as the Latvian Love Goddesses.

At the same time one original Love Goddess used to call us "wenches." When a milestone birthday was to be celebrated for her it was held in the Catskills, near Woodstock. Hence, the marriage of the words wenches and Woodstock was to be known as "Wenchstock." 

The basic rule is when 3 or more Latvian women get together it's known as "Wenchstock."  Most often it involves members of the original group of Wenches/Love Goddesses. Wenchstock is a venue for events; some are invitation only, others open to the Latvian Love Goddess-loving public.

Wenchstock also creates and sells merchandise that gently pokes fun at our Latvian heritage. Most merchandise is t-shirts, greeting cards, tote bags, keychains, magnets, bumper stickers and other giftables.

Wenchstock merchandise available at the following markets/tirdzins:

3x3 Nometne Katskilos August 2020 Canceled

Philadelphia Holiday Market Dec 2020 TBD

Los Angeles Holiday Market Dec 2020 TBD

Denver Holiday Market Dec 2020 TBD

Minneapolis Song Festival July 2022

Merchandise available online at:


Previous Wenchstock activities have been a Jani celebration, invitation-only getaways to Montauk and Maine, Happy Hours in Toronto and New York, tailgating at the Genesee Valley Hunt Cup races, even a get-together in Jurmala, Latvia!

We're planning a Catskills ski weekend in 2021 contingent on availability of the core group. For the ski weekend we're looking to hold a "Lumba" class (Latvian Zumba), meet & greet night with chick flicks, yoga, a wellness lecture, skiing, an apres-ski party and farewell brunch. Invitation only.

Also in the works is an invitation-only weekend

getaways in the Catskills and Upstate NY (sorry, no boys

allowed except hunky hired help). Suggestions and

comments always welcome-just go to the "contact us"

page. You can request to be on the mailing list as well.

Available online are Wenchstock and Latvian Love

Goddess t-shirts, cards & novelties at etsy.com

(www.etsy.com/shop/wenchstock). Just in time

for birthdays, graduations, weddings,

baby showers,​ iesvetibas, etc. We've also

introduced an equestrian based line

of cards, pillows, aprons, and other

giftables called "Linden Brook Bridle

Club." At this time there is no website,

but some merchandise is available on

etsy.com under the shop name of


Bridle Club"

(Etsy didn't

allow the full

length of the

brand name).

Happy shopping!

Visit this site for updates.